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Réf. MA-DFabriqué par : Michel Aboudib Guitars
Base 9 250,00 €
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Guitares acoustiques Michel Aboudib Guitars - MA-D - Dreadnought Base 9 250,00 €
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Fabrication Produit fabriqué en France
A dreadnought size guitar with a full rich sound

The sound is full, very open and well balanced with a deep, rich bass. Perfect all around guitar for picking and strumming.


My price for a guitar is currently $9250, plus applicable tax and shipping. To place an order, there is a $3100 non-refundable deposit; it covers materials cost and design time. Please reach out if you would like to add custom options and I will create the listing for you.

For acoustic and classical guitars, this price includes:

- European, Sitka or Englemann Spruce top.
- Indian Rosewood or Wenge back and sides. Other included tonewoods, while available: Madagascar Rosewood, Malaysian Blackwood, Striped African Ebony, Indian Ebony, Cocobolo, Padauk, Flamed Chestnut, Honduran Mahogany, Spalted Apple, Pear, Olive, Old European Walnut. There may be an extra charge for very special sets; please inquire.
- Mahogany, Spanish Cedar or Port Orford Cedar neck.
- Indian Rosewood or Ebony Fingerboard.
- Indian Rosewood or Ebony bridge.
- Choice of 12 or 14-frets to the body.
- Carved and colored rosette or simple wood rosette (solid wood or lines).
- Headstock veneer matching the back and sides.
- All wood binding and top and back purfling.
- Side purfling, if appropriate.
- Opportunity to choose neck width, string spacing and scale length.
- Gotoh 510 tuners or similar.
- French polish or lacquer finish.
- Special finishes are available and will be used as appropriate. They include shop cooked oil varnish (violin varnish), encaustic and hard wax oil.
- High end case (Hoffee, Calton, etc.)
- Full warranty within the limitations described below.


- Special or figured back and sides set: pricing based on cost. Matching fingerboard and bridge also based on cost.
- Highly figured or otherwise special top: pricing based on cost.
- Cutaway: $1250.
- Fan fret (multi-scale): $850.
- 7 or 8 strings: $850. Please inquire for other options.
- Scale length other than 25.4” (645 mm) or 25” (635 mm): please inquire.
- Other inlay: pricing based on specific design.
- Custom made tuning machines (VSTuners, Alessi, Rodger, etc.): pricing based on cost.
- Custom-designed guitar model: as negotiated.
- Vegan or other special requirements: as negotiated.
- Electric guitars and basses have many customization options. I only use the best quality wood, hardware and electronics. Most common configurations are included in the base price. Please reach out with your project to get an accurate quote.


A limited lifetime warranty is issued with every guitar. It is tied to the original owner and covers faulty materials and craftsmanship. It does not cover normal wear and tear, mishandling, alterations and storage in extreme climatic conditions.

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