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Chaosculpt Bass

Réf. CH1Made by : Audiolithe
Chaosculpt Bass 299,00 €
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Effects & Pedals Audiolithe - Chaosculpt Bass - Fuzz Chaosculpt Bass 299,00 €
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Fabrication Product made in France
NEW ! Bass fuzz with blend and 3-band EQ

Chaosculpt Bass is a bass fuzz featuring advanced blending circuitry and an active 3-band EQ.

AUDIOLITHE's signature fuzz circuit ensures thick, harmonically rich saturation.

The X-FREQ + MIX blend circuit has been specifically developed to avoid a problem experienced by all bassists looking for big saturation: muddy or non-existent bass.
For this reason, Chaosculpt Bass implements the methods used in recording studios for extreme music: it enables intense saturation of the mids and highs without compromising low-end rumble and punch. The crossover filter used guarantees a natural sound without altering the phase of the signal.

We've added a 3-band EQ and a BITE switch to help sculpt the sound with precision and amplitude.

EMBRASHS CHAOS AND CREATES SOUNDS OF LIMITLESS BRUTALITY. Caution: in the wrong hands, it could destroy the universe!

- Unique signature fuzz circuit
- Active 3-band EQ + BITE switch for more bite
- Studio-style frequency split of the signal to guarantee rumbling bass while intensely fuzzing mids and highs
- Works with active and passive bass thanks to internal 18V power supply guaranteeing maximum headroom

* Specs
True Bypass
Power supply: 9VDC (center negative, ≥100mA)
Consumption: approx 80 mA
Dimensions: 126mm x 93mm x 50mm
Weight: 377g

- Input impedance: 1MΩ
- Output impedance: 100Ω
- 3 band EQ + BITE control:
Bass EQ band: +/-14dB @80Hz
Mid EQ band: +/-14dB @250Hz/500Hz/1KHz
Treble EQ band: +/-14dB @5KHz
BITE control: 0dB/+3dB/+6dB @3KHz

Technical Specifications
  • Voltage (V) : 9
  • Courant (mA) : 80
  • TrueByPass : YES
  • Size (cm) : 12.5x9.5x5
  • Weight (g) : 377
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