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ZoLar Engineering

ZoLar Engineering

ENJOY YOUR SOUND ... at 180 °

Unique and innovative guitar speaker concept that revolutionizes the traditional cab design. The architecture, the technology but also the connections ... everything has been carefully thought out to offer you a wide functionality associated with an exceptional quality and sound distribution.

Calmont, France France
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  • Amps ZoLar Engineering - 180-112 - Cabinet
    ZoLar Engineering 180-112

    The one and only cabinet that delivers consistent 180° sound

    880,00 €

About ZoLar Engineering

The story of a brand

ZoLar Engineering was born in 2017 from the collaboration of two guitarist friends, David MazZOnetto and David BaLARd, music and sound enthusiasts, who wanted to develop a speaker that meets their needs and requirements.
Dissatisfied with a crucial element of the signal chain, the cab, we decided to work on a concept that could correct its main flaws.
After several years of research, the first 180-112 enclosure from ZoLar Engineering was born.

An innovative concept

The design of our speakers completely revolutionizes the design of the cab as it is known.
The ZoLar loudspeaker suddenly eliminates all the aggressiveness and directionality problems inherent in traditional loudspeakers that have not changed for 60 years.

For this we have worked on 2 axes:
- AGGRESSIVENESS MANAGEMENT: we have removed aggression (beam), these mid and high frequencies present in the center of the loudspeaker, and unpleasant when we are in front of the speaker.
- FREQUENCY DIFFUSION: we sought to diffuse a maximum of frequencies projected by the loudspeaker, in a homogeneous manner, over the largest possible angle, horizontally (180 °) and vertically (70 °).
This point seemed essential to us so that the guitarist can enjoy the desired sound, whatever his position (sitting, standing, facing the cab or completely shifted) and whatever the environment (in rehearsal, in the studio or on stage), but also to be heard in the same way by other musicians and the public.
These 2 objectives were achieved by the unique combination of an innovative wood architecture, and a very precise acoustic engineering part fully integrated into the system.

For our speakers, we also wanted to develop INNOVATIVE CONNECTIONS in order to ensure an Amplifier / Cab impedance match, essential for the optimal functioning of the system. It allows the speaker to be used at 4, 8 and 16 ohms, but also to operate 2 speakers connected in series or in parallel.
All ZoLar speakers can therefore be easily integrated into any configuration.

The personalization of your speaker

To make your ZoLar speaker look like you and meet your needs, we offer a choice of options:
- 2 standard finishes (Carbon Black / Vintage Cream)
- A personalized finish on request and according to possibility (Tolex / Grillcloth / acoustic deflector)
- A wide choice of Loudspeakers (Jensen, Celestion, WGS, Eminence, ...)

All our speakers are delivered with a broken-in speaker (24 hours minimum) in order to be able to appreciate your sound from the first notes.

Personalized support

Because your satisfaction is our priority, ZoLar Engineering is also:
- Advice on the choice of speaker
- Availability and responsiveness for any question


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