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Outlaw 205,00 €
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Effets Guitares & Basses Thermion - Outlaw - Delay Outlaw 205,00 €
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Fabrication Produit fabriqué en Espagne
Soloing boosted delay

Have you ever wanted something during your solos that lets you stand out in the mix, creating complex atmospheres, all packed in a simple and portable solution? Outlaw is your ultimate soloing tool.

Get the volume boost and the ambience you need to create the most detailed and mix-cutting soloing tones.

Packed with three different repetition characters and a tails mode, Outlaw allows a perfect integration in your setup thanks to its external switching capability. Simply connect it through the effects loop of your amp or before the reverb effects in your signal chain and use it as a solo mode.

If you want a portable, analog sounding, robust and versatile delay with an integrated volume booster, able to push your tone to the next level, get an Outlaw.

Outlaw Tones
Davish G. Álvarez Tones
Andy Ferris [ENG]
Mike Vance [ENG]
Metal Tune [ESP]
Fred Guitarist [RUS]
BuzzBee TV [KOR]

  • Tensions (V) : 9
  • Courant (mA) : 100
  • TrueByPass : Yes
  • Dimensions (cm) : 11 x 7 x 5
  • Poids (g) : 250
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