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Doomer Fuzz

Réf. DF1Made by : Audiolithe
From the ages 239,00 €
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Effects & Pedals Audiolithe - Doomer Fuzz - Fuzz From the ages 239,00 €
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Fabrication Product made in France
Heavy fuzz with a gain/volume boost

Doomer fuzz is a saturation machine worthy of a mountain encounter with the master grizzly. Turn on the fuzz, let the second stage roar and put even the most reckless ursid on the run.

The first Engage circuit produces booming bass and gritty fuzz, while the highs stay warm and controlled.

The Roar footswitch unleashes the pedal's full gain, adding even more grit for extreme, doomy-sounding fuzz. It also provides an adjustable volume boost via the dedicated Roar knob.

The Doomer Fuzz's special tone stack allows you to choose between two EQs (flat or hollow), it offers a classic tone control as well as a fine tuning of the midrange with the Anger knob.

Doomer Fuzz is handmade in our Montreuil workshop

* Controls
Fuzz : main circuit gain control
Level : general output level
Roar : secondary circuit volume boost
Anger : medium tone control
EQ switch : selection between a flat or hollow eq
Tone : general tone control

* Specs
True Bypass
Power supply: 9V or 12V DC (negative center)
Power consumption: 9 mA
Dimensions: 126mm x 93mm x 50mm
Weight: 365g

Audiolithe effects do not use batteries as batteries are bad for the environment

Technical Specifications
  • Voltage (V) : 9
  • Courant (mA) : 9
  • TrueByPass : yes
  • Size (cm) : 12,5x9,5x5
  • Weight (g) : 365
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