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Extinction Drive

Réf. ED1Made by : Audiolithe
Extinction Drive 239,00 €
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Effects & Pedals Audiolithe - Extinction Drive - Overdrive Extinction Drive 239,00 €
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Fabrication Product made in France
Heavy overdrive with boost, fuzz and octave-up

Extinction Drive is a dual channel saturation machine that brings back raw sounds form the lost ages and has the destructive power of an extinction level event. 

The main channel ENGAGE produces drive tones from classic crunch to heavy gain.

Activate the BLAST footswitch and bring on the meteor crash. This second channel, that can also be used as a boost,  adds a rumbling low fuzz and a screeching high octave-up above the principal overdrive circuit. 

Get ready for the blast and melt your audience !

Extinction Drive is handmade in our Montreuil workshop.

* Controls
Drive : Gain of the overdrive channel
Tone : Overall tone control
Lo : Level of low range fuzz of the BLAST channel
Hi : Level of high range fuzz of the BLAST channel
Vol.DR : Output volume of the overdrive channel
Vol.BL : Output volume of the BLAST channnel
Scoop : Overall EQ control (medium scoop)

* Specs
True Bypass
Power supply: 9V (negative center)
Power consumption: approx 20 mA
Dimensions: 126mm x 93mm x 50mm
Weight: 395g

Audiolithe effects do not use batteries as batteries are bad for the environment

Technical Specifications
  • Voltage (V) : 9
  • Courant (mA) : 20
  • TrueByPass : Oui
  • Size (cm) : 12,5x9,5x5
  • Weight (g) : 395
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