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Vaudoo Audio

Vaudoo Audio

More Power, Better sound.

We're a French start-up offering innovative rechargeable products for active guitars and basses. Our preamps for basses and electric guitars take advantage of the on-board power source to deliver an enhanced sound experience.

Pléchâtel, France France
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About Vaudoo Audio

We are first and foremost an electronic engineering consultancy, CECIELEC, run by Hubert and Mickaël, who are also the Vaudoos chefs. A team in which all the members are musicians, who have put their knowledge of electronics at the service of music.

Our innovation started with a preamplifier out of order on an active bass and a thought: "What if we invented a rechargeable system to do away with this battery?".

It's also because we're used to being green and preserving our environment as much as possible. If we can avoid throwing away batteries, that's always a plus.

We thought that with our rechargeable system, we could integrate "high-fidelity" components and advanced circuits, more precise than conventional integrated preamps.

It's not magic, it's Vaudoo!

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